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OPI Manicures & Pedicures

Your hands go through a lot during the day. Washing, shopping, cold weather and dry heat all take their toll on the condition of your skin. Our manicures treat the hands as delicately as treating the face.

A regular manicure or pedicure keeps nails tidy and improves their appearance, the skin is cared for and high quality products are used to promote strength and growth of the nails. A homecare plan may be recommended to maintain and enhance the treatment at home.

Choose between standard maintenance treatments or the luxurious ranges for a more pampering experience.

    Nail and cuticle care, hand and arm massage then polish
    Luxury Manicure
    Hands are soaked and cleansed before an application of peppermint salt scrub removes all traces of dead, rough skin. Cuticles are tidied and the hands and lower arms are massage with an aromatherapy cream containing time release emollients for long lasting suppleness. A deep dermal wax treatment is applied which allows the cream to penetrate into the skin for extreme hydration and softening. At the end of the treatment your nails are filed and painted with a colour of your choice
    Shape & Polish
    If you love manicured hands but just don’t have the time this quick fix is great for you, nails will be filed to your desired shape and a polish expertly applied
    Gems & Nail Art £3.00 Extra
    Nail, cuticle and foot care, half leg massage then polish
    Luxury Pedicure
    Luxury for your feet! Complete foot heaven!! The treatment includes a foot scrub to reduce dry skin and stimulate circulation followed by a foot mask to hydrate the skin leaving feet feeling soft and smooth. After the massage your treatment finishes with a pretty polish. A truly luxurious treatment for dry, rough and hard skin which can be found on the feet
    Express pedicure
    Includes shape and polish

Gel Nails

Artistic Gel is the nail system of the future for natural nails offering you a semi-permanent nail colour that will not chip or wear off. Perfect for that everlasting polished look all year round or enjoy for special occasions.

Originally Calgel trained, we now use Artistic Nail Design. Artistic Nail Design was created by world renowned nail artists (including Tom Bachlik, “man”-icurist to the likes of Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and J-Lo) and nail product developers with the desire to fill the void in the professional nail market for a gel polish brand designed specifically for the true artist at heart.

Artistic Colour Gloss is a 21 day chip free polish that is made from 100% gel formula, which is different from Shellac, a 14 day gel / nail polish with a 50/50 formula. An advanced soak-off gel available in an exceptional colour range Artistic Colour Gloss is designed not to damage your nails, as there is little filing involved with removal. For removal, we use a product containing just 2% acetone and lots of hydrating oils for the least possible damage.

Artistic Colour Gloss has a smoother finish, a keratin base coat to protect the nail, a more extensive range of colours (including one called Posh after Victoria Beckham herself) and it lasts 21 days.

    Gel Overlays
    Artistic overlays are applied to the natural nail like polish to enhance your nails and can help to give your nails a chance to grow naturally whilst they are protected by the gel.
    Soak Off with Mini Manicure
    Replacement Overlay on Individual Nail

Silhouette Dermalift Facial Treatments

A real alternative to facial surgery. Silhouette Dermalift, Dermafusion and Dermabrasion offer non-surgical facelift treatments using advanced anti-aging technology.

Silhouette Dermalift Facial

As we age, so does our skin. Skin can become tired, dull looking and lack that youthful glow. Now the renowned Dermalift non-surgical facial lifting treatment provides a real alternative to facial surgery to combat the signs of ageing. Using gentle probes applying timed pulses to the facial muscles and tissue of the face, neck and throat, they gently stimulate those areas that may have lost their youthful glow and resilience.

And the benefits?

Fine lines and wrinkles will start to diminish and your skin texture will appear fresher, feel smoother and younger. Facial muscles are lifted and toned, firming facial contours. Puffiness around the eye area is reduced whilst acned skin will see an improvement with finer pores due to increased elasticity.

    Silhouette Dermalift Non Surgical Face Lift (60min)
    Course of 5

Silhouette Dermafusion - Intensive Mask Therapy

Silhouette Dermafusion facials excel in dealing with the signs of ageing. Each Dermafusion face and neck mask has its own unique blend of specially selected active ingredients which synergistically work in harmony to treat and prevent the signs of ageing. They deliver fast and effective results.

Treatments involve cleansing the skin followed by an exfoliation, and then the application of an appropriate active Dermafusion facial mask. Gentle micro pulses are then applied ensuring that your skin realises its maximum potential and achieves twice the penetration of the selected mask. Any remaining product is massaged in and a soothing eye serum and moisturiser are applied.

We offer differing facial mask options to choose from, depending on your skin type.


Instant Eye Lift and Brightener

Dark circles around the eyes can make us appear tired and stressed even when we are not. Eye bags age the face and can make us appear much older than we actually are. At B Yourself Beauty we recommend the Instant Eye Lift and Brightener as a single or combination of treatments.

The treatment includes a Silhouette Dermalift Treatment around the eyes to stimulate and regenerate cells and muscles, helping to tone, lift and reshape sagging muscles, hydrate and firm the skin all without the use of surgery. Followed by application of Vitamin C and Marine Collagen Eye Pads using gentle micro pulses to massage the ingredients deep into the skin.

The hydrating effect results in a much softer, improved texture and appearance. This treatment will diminish fine lines and dark shadows, leaving the delicate eye area feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.

When used regularly this treatment will ensure lasting and satisfying results, often visible on the first treatment. The eye pads active ingredients work to improve the skins elasticity, rehydrating and protecting the delicate tissue against the free radicals which dehydrate the skin, destroy Vitamin E and cause fine lines to appear.

    Instant Eye Lift and Brightener 30 minute treatment

Diamond Dermabrasion

One of the most popular cosmetic skin care treatments available is diamond microdermabrasion, a procedure that is praised by women and men alike, which is known for being simple and pain-free.

It's appropriate for most skin types because it is non-invasive and can effectively reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, age spots and stretch marks. Dermabrasion can refine enlarged pores, help eliminate blackheads and whiteheads. This quick and convenient treatment that can be used on the face, chest, back or shoulders to immediately restore smooth younger looking skin and is great for treating signs of ageing.

The diamond microdermabrasion tip exfoliates the outer layers of the skin and removes dead skin cells, while gentle suction assists in stimulating the production of new cells in the deeper layers. This is followed by a soothing face mask to help nourish the skin.

A micro treatment results in healthier, fresher skin with enhanced elasticity and texture. Removing the mature cells from the top layer of the skin, encourages fresh cells to be produced and pushed to the surface of the dermal layers, resulting in a more youthful appearance. It helps smooth out rough, uneven patches, removes debris, dead skin cells & unblocks pores and can decrease the ‘Orange Peel’ effect of cellulite.

    Diamond Micro dermabrasion
    Course of 5


Facials to cleanse, balance and refresh the skin and enhance overall condition!

A refreshing, pampering facial, will leave the skin smooth and toned. Beginning with a complete skin care analysis, our facials are designed to tone and nourish the skin. Using wonderful warm towels, essential oils, masks, and relaxing massage, our facial will leave the skin glowing. Treatments offered, range from express facials designed to refresh and give your skin a radiant glow, to a full hour of intensive anti-aging treatments that hydrate the skin.

Tailored specifically to the individual needs of the skin, the therapist will select the most effective combination of treatments to give impressive results. Of course, regular use will prolong the effects and ensure the complexion is always at its best. Ideally, get a facial monthly because that's how long it takes the skin to regenerate. Try to have a facial at least four times a year, as the season changes. You may need it more frequently if you are trying to clear up a case of acne, especially at the beginning. Otherwise, once a month is plenty.

    Express Facial
    This 30 minute facial with cleanse, exfoliation, massage and moisturise gives the skin a healthy, radiant glow
    Luxury Facial
    This personalised one hour facial works to restore harmony and balance to all skin conditions it includes face, neck and décolleté


Massage has been practiced as a healing therapy for 5,000 years in nearly every culture around the world. It is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy. The basic goal of massage therapy is to help the body heal itself and to increase health and well-being.

Massage is the perfect way to relax and de-stress and we have a range of massage treatments that can be customised to meet your individual needs. Perhaps you are looking for the perfect gift for a special person? One of our gift vouchers will allow them to choose their own bespoke treatment plan. In general, massage has been shown to be emotionally and physically healing. Massage helps relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and evoke feelings of calmness. Although massage affects the body as a whole, it particularly influences the activity of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems.

Massage can help support healing, boost energy, reduce recovery time after an injury, ease pain, and enhance relaxation, mood, and well-being. It is useful for many problems, such as low back pain, osteoarthritis, sprains and strains. Massage may also relieve depression in people with chronic fatigue syndrome, alleviate sleep disorders, and improve self-image. Massage has been shown to melt away stress and enhance mental alertness.

    Swedish Back Massage
    A relaxing 30 minute Swedish massage to relieve tension and soothe the back, shoulders and neck
    Swedish Full Body Massage
    A powerful 60 minute treatment to help release tension in the whole of the body to stimulate the circulation boosting the skins appearance leaving you relaxed and stress free
    Chill Out Massage
    This 40 minute neck, décolleté, face and head massage uses soothing techniques to drain the stress out of your face and promote tranquillity
    Indian Head Massage
    Practiced in India for 5000 years it is based on the Ayurvedic healing system. It strives to restore balance and inner harmony to the mind, body and spirit to improve the health of an individual. It includes massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face, ears and energy balancing. It can provide relief from aches, pains, stress symptoms, insomnia, headaches and sinusitis, promote hair growth, soothe, comfort and rebalance your energy flow giving you a sense of peace and deep calm
    Back and Chill Out Massage
    A powerful treatment to help release tension in the lower back, neck and shoulder area before focusing on a gentle face and head massage to stimulate the circulation boosting your skins appearance leaving you relaxed and stress free with a healthy glow

Lava Shell Massage

A luxury heat treatment therapy massage using natural tiger shells from the Phillipines.

The indulgent and truly pampering Lava Shells Relax Body Massage offers an idyllic treatment combining the warmth of the shells with deeply relaxing massage techniques to create a sense of balance to the entire body and mind. During the massage, the shells are worked over the palms, arms, feet and legs in slow deep moves to warm and de-stress followed by wonderfully tranquil massage on the back, neck and shoulder area to ease away all tension, knots and stress.

Lava Shells are the world’s first self-heating massage tool. Lava Shells are 100% recycled, natural Tiger Clam shells. A patented, natural, biodegradable heat technology is incorporated into the Lava Shell which then emits heat for over an hour, allowing therapists to provide a continuous and seamless body massage.

A luxury heat treatment therapy massage using natural tiger shells from the Phillipines.
    Lava Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
    The warmth of the Lava Shells allows deep relaxation in this bespoke massage treatment. The shells glide over the back to relax the muscles. The focus then moves onto specific massage techniques working on pressure points and tension areas to ease stress and stiffness delivering an intense 30 minute treatment
    Lava Relax Full Body Massage
    An indulgent full body massage combining the warmth of the shell and deep pressure to ease away all tensions and knots, and a lighter pressure to alleviate stress and tension creating a sense of balance to body and mind. A truly pampering 60 minute treatment


Waxing is the best and most long-lasting way for achieving smooth, hair-free skin. Compared to other alternatives, waxing is the fastest method and offers the longest lasting results.

Waxing can leave the skin smooth and hair-free for up to 4 - 6 weeks. With frequent application of wax, the hair gets softer, finer and sparser as opposed to shaving which promotes thicker hair re-growth. Over time frequent waxing can cause the hair follicle to be damaged, thereby stopping the growth of hair, leaving you with permanently soft and silky skin.

Large areas of unwanted hair can be targeted at one time giving immediate positive results. Waxing can be easily carried out on any area of the body including eyebrows, face, bikini area, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet.

    Full Leg
    Half Leg
    Eye Brows
    Lip & Chin
    Lip, Chin & Cheek
    Under Arm
    Back (for Men)

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Book in now for this time saving beauty trick. Professional eyelash and eyebrow tinting will bring out the depth and colour of your eyes enhancing your features.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is a popular approach to ridding yourself of a need for mascara. The procedure tints the colors of your eyelashes for dramatic results. Though worthless for women with natural black lashes, it does wonders for blondes and redheads who are sick of their pale lashes.

Most eyelash tints are made from vegetable dyes, which make them safe and relatively gentle for sensitive skin. The durability of the tint can change from person to person. Because eyelashes are constantly growing, shedding and re-growing, there is no single standard time span for durability. However, due to natural growth, and fading due to cleansing and sun, many spas recommend having your eyelashes done once a month.

Eyebrow Tinting

This is a fantastic solution if your eyebrows are very fair and look non-existent. Eyebrow tinting will give you very natural looking brows to compliment your facial features. The tint will generally last between 4-6 weeks depending on your exposure to sunshine and other bleaching elements.


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